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Thursday, 18 September 2014 14:02

Teachers! The Floor Is Yours!

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What Impact does DAKTARI have on the local children?

Last week DAKTARI invited the principals and educators of the schools they work with for an afternoon of positive interaction and communication! Maahlamele, Lepono, Sekoko, Nareng and Leoma Schools, all came together at our camp!

After hearing the children’s fascinating stories about DAKTARI, the teachers were so excited to discover our bush school for themselves. We showed them around the camp to exhibit the animals they have in our care, so they could see why their schoolchildren became passionate about wildlife and environment.

We then started speaking about one of the most vital topics today: the education of our next generation! It is common for local school classes to be larger than 60 pupils. As a consequence, the basic education of these children is suffering, and this has serious implications for the surrounding environment as well as their future. At DAKTARI, we only welcome 8 children per week so that the children receive the full attention they need. Curious to hear the teachers’ feedback, Michele took the lead of the discussion by asking this crucial question to the teachers:

What impact does DAKTARI have on the children?

Take 4 minutes to hear what they have to say!

As the discussion deepened we also addressed areas on saving energy and recycling, two very important topics for DAKTARI. The teachers confirmed to us that they are more than willing to help us to work toward a greener environment for Limpopo.

This day represented a chance for educators from different backgrounds to join together so a clearer picture was formed about what is needed in order to be an even greater success. The people who will end up benefiting the most will undoubtedly be the children. Time and effort must be put in because these are our future leaders, so it is urgent that we all support and prepare them as best we can.

Thank you so much Teachers for coming at DAKTARI to share your feelings!!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 13:57

Maxime Fradin

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Maxime Fradin - DAKTARI Volunteer 09/08/2014 - 29/08/2014

"Ce voyage restera à jamais gravé dans ma mémoire et mon coeur tellement l'Afrique du Sud est un pays merveilleux sur tous les points et que vous nous le faite découvrir de la plus belle des façons! Avoir des employés locaux permet aux volontaires d'être en contact avec la population et donc de découvrir leurs bons comme leurs mauvais côtés...

Ensuite les paysages, DAKTARI est placé entre montagnes, bush, et coins plus tropicaux grâce aux rivières avoisinantes. DAKTARI, crazy DAKTARI, est à la hauteur de ce que j'attendais par l'école et l'orphelinat mais aussi par vous, Ian et Michèle, qui êtes des personnes formidables. Vous n'hésitez pas à ouvrir grand vos bras afin qu'on découvre votre paradis! De votre humour à votre expérience en passant par votre générosité tout est à prendre et à s'en servir comme leçon de vie. Ne changez pas, vous rendez cette expérience sud africaine encore plus émouvante qu'elle ne l'est déjà!

Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation sur cette lancée, n'arrêtez surtout pas de rendre meilleure la vie des jeunes locaux et des animaux, mais aussi des volontaires! J'espère que ce n'était pas un adieu et qu'on aura l'occasion de se revoir par la suite.

Maxime Fradin alias Rafiki"


Tuesday, 09 September 2014 12:12

Solar Installation at DAKTARI

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More Solar Electricity for a brighter future!

You probably already know that there is no electricity at DAKTARI, we live thanks to a generator and solar electricity. In order to have more power in the camp, we recently installed new solar panels. We are very thankful and blessed to have done this, without the generosity and precious help of a few people, this would not have been possible.

All the DAKTARI team would like to say a warm thank you to Delec Power Distributors. They donnated all of the goods, sundries and labour needed for our new solar installation. Moreover, the cable and mc4 connecters were given by lapp cables. THANK YOU so much for your time and consideration. Indeed, all together we replaced one old panel by a new one, the idea is to split the electricity in both: if one panel doesn't work we still have the other one now.

More solar electricity at DAKTARI for a brighter future!!




Let's go on Safari!

On Sunday 17th of August, the kids of DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage had the chance to go on a Game Drive at Tsakane Safari Camp. Located in the Greater Kruger Park Conservancy, on Balule Nature Reserve, the camp is surrounded by the Big 5 and much more.

We are so grateful that Tsakane could sponsor the 10 best kids of the last weeks at DAKTARI, offering them to go on safari. The Head Ranger of Tsakane took them for a three-hour game drive where they were so excited to see lions, giraffes and elephants. He also gave them a short presentation on water ecology and conservation. Although they learnt all of that at DAKTARI already, this day helped to galvanize their knowledge in the wild.

We anticipate these local children will be able to secure good employment in nature reserves, within the tourism industry and to protect their environment. DAKTARI and the kids are so appreciative for this wonderful day kindly offered by Tsakane. On behalf of everyone, we would like to say a big and warm thank you to Tsakane Safari Camp!

Any other game reserves, organizations or companies that would like to sponsor our children at DAKTARI, feel free to send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Friday, 15 August 2014 09:34


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General: The caracal is the largest of the small African cats. It has a long slender, uniformly colored body with a comparatively short, tapering tail and long, tufted ears. The short, thick coat varies from grayish to reddish-brown, with white on chin, throat and under parts, and a black line from eye to nose. Coloration tends to be lighter in arid regions and darker where there is more rain. Black individuals are occasionally seen. The hind legs are longer than the forelegs, so that the animal appears to be tilted forward. The caracal's ears are its more distinctive feature, being long narrow and pointed black on the outside, and topped with 1-3/4 inch (45mm) tufts of black hair.

Personal History: People brough Shanghaan to DAKTARI in 2011 when he was about 4-5 months old. They had hand reared him after finding him without a mother.

Enrichment: The volunteers have created a game to make life a bit more interesting for Shangaan. They find a way to hide his food (here a big dead rat) inside a soccer ball, placed just out of reach, so he has to search his prey, jump, hunt for it. All carnivores need to be curious to survive!

 Would you like to sponsor Shangaan?

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, thank you!

Friday, 15 August 2014 09:04

Common Marmosets

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King Kong, Princess Leia and their baby!

General: The common marmoset is a New World monkey. It originally lived on the Northeastern coast of Brazil. Marmoset have an average life span of 12 (wild) - 20 (captivity) years. Marmoset's claw-like nails, incisor shape, and gut specialization reflect their unique diet which is primarily made of plant fluids and insects. They eat fruits, seeds, flowers, fungi, nectar, snails, lizards, tree frogs, birds eggs, nestlings and infant mammals. Common marmosets live in stable extended families with a few breeding individuals and a flexible mating system. The typical marmoset group is made up of 15 members but usually average around 9 members.

Personal History: King Kong arrived in 2012, he was given to DAKTARI by a monkey sanctuary close to Nelspruit. In 2013 Princess Leila came to us from the same sanctuary, she was 10 months old, the same age as King Kong. In May 2014, DAKTARI was so happy to see that they gave birth to a lovely infant!!

 Would you like to sponsor our Marmosets?

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, thank you!

Thursday, 14 August 2014 14:50


Written by

Gasper, Tikki and our little last one Madonna!

General: The meerkat or suricate is a small mammal. A group of meerkats is called a "mob", "gang" or "clan". A meerkat clan often contains about 20 meerkats, but some super-families have 50 or more members. Meerkats have an avergae life span of 12-14 years. The meerkats is found in the drier areas of Southern Africa and occupies open lighty vegetated, often stony areas. The meerkat is a typical member of the moogoose family in appearance. It has a slender body approximately 45-55cm in lengh and a slender tapered tail approximately 20-25cm long. Meerkats stand around 15cm high at the shoulder when all fours. They have a pale coat that varies in color from fawn to silvery-grey. The coat has a number of dark bands towards the rump. They have a prominent black snout and their eyes are surrounded by dark patches. They have strong long curved claws wich help make them excellent diggers.

Personal History: Gasper was found next to the road in 2010 and was taken to the vet, who decided to donate him to DAKTARI to take care of him. Tiki was given to DAKTARI in 2011 by a neighbour who has kept him as a pet until he started to bit. Madonna was also found on the road by Moholoholo Rehabilitation Center in this mounth of August 2014. They decided to give her to DAKTARI to join the little team. 

Interesting Fact: According to African popular belief (mainly in Zambian/Zimbabwean region), the meerkat is also known as the sun angel, as it protects village from the moon devil or the werewolf which is believed to attack stray cattle or lone tribesmen.

Story about our lastest new arrival: Madonna!

 Would you like to sponsor our Meerkats?

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, thank you!

Monday, 28 July 2014 14:17

A Dutch TV Crew at DAKTARI

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And... ACTION!

DAKTARI was visited by NOS Jeugdjournaal, a Dutch TV crew, who came to do a short documentary about children's stories from all over the world. The children were under the spotlight for a day, with the chance to tell other children about their environmental experience at DAKTARI. This programme from the Dutch TV deals with common daily news made understandable for Dutch children.

We are very proud to received them! Thank you for hightly supported DAKTARI!

Watch the Documentary HERE

Tuesday, 15 July 2014 14:26

DAKTARI Holiday Gift!

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Are you looking for an Holiday Gift Idea that's sure to please?

Make An Animal and/or a Child Happy and receive your Virtual Gift!

DAKTARI needs your help to spread joy to disadvantaged animals and children! From July to September, you can make a donation as a gift for an animal and/or a child, and as a gift on behalf of your loved one. Indeed, our Virtual Gift concept does exactly that - rather than just asking for donations to cover the cost of an animal or a child at DAKTARI, we ask you to make your donation on behalf of someone else and we send you a personalised gift certificate to be given to this person. So, interested? (All the details on the links below)

To Sponsor A Child: CLICK HERE                                            To Donate for An Animal: CLICK HERE


  • There is a minimum donation amount of just $10
  • To receive your personalised certificate after making your donation, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the name of your gift recipient.

THANK YOU for supporting our lovely children and animals at DAKTARI! Continuing to purchase our Virtual Gifts will allow us to keep them happy, educating South Africa's next generation to care and love their environment, their heritage, their future.

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