Sponsor a DAKTARI school day or become a sponsor for our animals!

Our bush school’s aim is to educate our local underprivileged children to care for their environment, and so each week we invite 8-10 children for a 5-day stay at DAKTARI where they have the opportunity to discover and become passionate about wildlife and conservation. To do that, we need to have lodging, food, and school supplies for our kids each week and we need to feed and care for our animal ambassadors! You can become a sponsor of DAKTARI to make this happen!


Sponsor the entire project for a group of children to stay for a day at DAKTARI

With continued support, our goal is to help these children to eventually secure good employment within the eco-tourism sector, improving their quality of life whilst protecting their precious environment. Your sponsorship will cover three meals per day, teaching them about conservation and wildlife, and maintaining the DAKTARI camp for the kids to enjoy!


The cost of sponsoring the stay of all children for one day is 3,950 rands (= 280 euros or 220 pounds)

If you would like to sponsor a day for a group of children please email us at info@daktaribushschool.org or visit our online donation page to support our educational programme. 



Success stories

We are fortunate to witness many precious moments with the children who visit DAKTARI, even the small things we help them to learn of overcome are extremely rewarding. Although a small sample, these stories reflect the depth of the impact which DAKTARI has had, and is having, on the children who experience the immersive educational week!

But here are some extra special success stories that we are proud and honored to share:


Kutullo first joined the DAKTARI Outreach Programme during 2012 after passing his Matric (Matric is the final examination of Secondary School/High School in South Africa). He demonstrated a passion and talent for conservation during the lessons and with the help of DAKTARI he received a bursary at the South African Wildlife College read more...


Grace first joined the DAKTARI Outreach Programme in 2012 after thoroughly enjoying her initial week at DAKTARI, she had recently moved from her home town in a big city to a small village after her father lost his job. Grace was brought up to speak English and Zulu but really struggled in her new home and school where they only spoke Sepedi read more...


My name is Mina, we met in 2005 while I was doing grade 9 at Rakgolokwana high school, my self and other students use to come to DAKTARI for educational purposes. I wanna thank you for the knowledge and experience you have assist me with concerning nature conservation, I am currently working as a data collator with the K2C read more...

Give a second chance at life to an Orphaned Animal at DAKTARI...

DAKTARI's Wildlife Orphanage is home to many different animals. Each and every one has a special place with us and we do our very best to ensure everyone has a comfortable and happy life.




What does your sponsorship cover?
  • The cost of providing a good quality and balanced diet for the animal you sponsor. This includes supplements that the animal may need, as well as some extra treats! 
  • The daily maintenance of the enclosures, which includes all materials to carry out the cleaning as well as disinfectant used to keep everything in pristine conditions. 
  • In addition to the maintenance of the enclosures, your donation will also go towards any necessary upkeep that may be needed. Moreover, if you would like, you can also sponsor the building of a new enclosure. 
  • Enrichment activities to stimulate the animals through punctual activities or building a new toy or tool to put in the animal's enclosure. 
As a sponsor you will receive:
  • A quarterly update of your animals progress in the form of an e-postcard! 
  • You are free to pop in and visit should you be in the area
  • You will be personally participating to conservation in South Africa
  • If you make a commitment to sponsor an animal for a year, your name will be on the enclosure of the animal you sponsor!

BushBaby at DAKTARI


If you are interested in sponsoring one of our beloved animals with a monthly, quarterly or annual donation please email Michele at info@daktaribushschool.org. Thank you!!


Animals that need a sponsor

Listed below are the animals that currently need a sponsor along with the monthly amount. 


DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage Mongoose Baby


Names: SissiSmurfy, Michael Angelo, Jackson, Leon, Mongo, Sonic and Seth. 

Because of their incredibly social nature, we are trying to put together a family of mongoose to be able to release them together. Slowly  but surely we are trying to get them used to living together

Sponsorship of a Mongoose Per month: R200 / $10

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

These little critters are amazing for the children to be able to safely interact with! 

Sponsorship per month: R200 / $10
Scotty Hawk Eagle DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage

African Hawk Eagle

Name: Scotty 

All of the raptors at DAKTARI are here because of badly injured wings. The vast majority of injuries stem from the animal flying into, or being caught in, one of the unfortunately common electrified fences around the are. Without a second chance at life at DAKTARI, it is very likely that these animals would die in the wild as they are not able to fly.  Sponsorship per month: R200 / $10
Bowie Snake Eagle DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage

Brown Snake Eagle

Name: Bowie 

Sponsorship per month: R200 / $10 
Coco Giant Owl DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage

Giant Eagle Owl

Name: Coco 

Sponsorship per month: R200 / $10 
Spotted Eagle Owl DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage

Spotted Eagle Owl

Names: Alex and Marco 

Sponsorship per month: R200 / $10 
Lazarus DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage

Rock Monitor / Leguaan

Name: Lazarus

Lazarus came to DAKTARI after being found with severe injuries. He recovered at DAKTARI and is now living with a maimed leg, while serving an educational purpose for the children who come stay with us! 

Sponsorship per month: R200 / $10 
Antelopes at DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage


Names: Nyalou, Chancy (Nyala), Maxi & Babies (Bushbuck)

The antelopes around DAKTARI are all relatively used to people and some of them have been hand raised by our volunteers! Chancy and Nyalou came to DAKTARI in late 2015 and have grown up with us since, whereas Maxi came a few years ago, and has now brought into camp all her offspring since then. We have quite a family! 

Sponsorship per month: R200 / $10 
Donkeys at DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage


Names: Eeyore, Caline, Freddy, Surprise, and Lucky

Eeyore was rescued by the SPA and brought to DAKTARI. As he is blind he roams around in the safety of the camp. You have to let him know you are around in order to not scare him!

Although Freddy was neutered in 2013 the miracle of life has persevered twice to have Caline bring two new babies to the world. Surprise was born at the end of 2014 and Lucky came to the world in early 2016! 

Sponsorship per donkey per month: R200 / $10 
Ostrich at DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage


Names: Mr & Mrs Strauss

The two Ostriches came from a meat farm where they were going to be put down because they were too small. They have been given a second chance at life at DAKTARI! 

Sponsorship per month: R300 / $15 


Names: Thor

Marmosets are originally from South America but, after coming to DAKTARI because he was being kept as a pet, he has made a home for himself around the camp! 

Sponsorship per month: R100 / $5 
Genet at DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage

Large Spotted Genet

Name: Chouchou

Chouchou was hand-raised at DAKTARI by none other than Candy, one of Michele's dogs! She has been with us since 2009. 

Sponsorship per month: R200 / $10 
Crocodiles at DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage

Nile Crocodiles

Names: Molopo and Tugela

Named after two famous South African rivers, these two crocodiles (one male, one female) came to DAKTARI from a local farmer who found them on his land. We are hoping to release them at the nearby damn when enough rain provides a good environment for them! 

Sponsorship per month: R200 / $10 
Cheetah at DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage


Name: Martin

Martin came to DAKTARI from the HESC and is an adult cheetah. With an age of 8-10 years, DAKTARI is Martin's retirement home, where he is living in great comfort! 

Sponsorship per month: R1000 / $60 


Name: Minnie and JP

The two Jackals, Minnie and JP were given to DAKTARI by Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre after being hand-raised as pups. They provide a great opportunity for our children to interact with animals as they are very friendly!


per month: R1000 / $60


We are also using our fundraising platform, GlobalGiving, which reduce tremendously costs for donations from overseas. The GlobalGiving team has remarkably helped DAKTARI for the past ten year and is very safe for any credit card donation. 

Here is a list of the animals you can help through GlobalGiving:


Protect our Dassies
Support our Meerkats 
Care for Dongo our Wild Dog 
Support Jumper our Black Eagle 
Banchee our Bushbaby needs love 
Support Molly our Bushpig

You can also make a direct contribution to our Wildlife Orphanage!

Interested in becoming a sustaining member of the DAKTARI Wildlife Family? You can either email us directly on info@daktaribushschool.org to set up a direct debit, or simply make a recurring monthly donation on our GlobalGiving Fundraiser! It's that simple to make a huge difference to our animals!